As part of the DiMEN Master Class 2024, 14 scientists meet with renowned experts in the field and work together intensively for one week.

Master Class "Data Justice in Healthcare"

The increasing availability of digital data and technology has both conceptual and practical implications for the way people are seen and treated in healthcare. The idea of data justice describes the development of a basic standard of what is owed to individuals in relation to their health data. At least three dimensions of ethical issues arise from theories of data justice: Issues of visibility and appropriate representation in data, issues of ability to engage with (and disengage from) technology and have appropriate access to benefits, and issues of ability to challenge discrimination and materialised biases. The Master Class “Data Justice in Health Care” aims to promote the exchange of ideas on the emergence, ethical significance, and possible individual and systemic solution strategies for the equitable use of data in health care.

Master Class “Data Justice in Healthcare”

Master Class “Data Justice in Healthcare”

19. – 23. Februar 2024, Guest House of the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen

  • Project duration: 2022 – 2024
  • Carried out at Tübingen University
  • Administrative contact: Florian Funer
This project addresses

National and international young scientists and postdocs in an early career phase.

Cooperation partners and staff members

For the University Tübingen:

  • Dr. Florian Funer, M.A.
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Ehni
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Urban Wiesing

For the University of Potsdam:

  • Prof. Dr. Robert Ranisch
  • Dr. Joschka Haltaufderheide

For the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning for Science”:

  • Dr. Thomas Grote
Given the rapidly evolving field of digital health and medicine, continuing education courses for scholars working in the field of medical ethics are critical. Given the faculty structures at universities, regular exchange with disciplines such as bioinformatics, computer science or engineering is not often a given.

Therefore, DiMEN organises a Master Class for researchers working in the field of medical ethics and digitalisation or in engineering/computer sciences in areas such as digital health, artificial intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) or blockchain. The Master Class aims to provide a week of intensive work and exchange with renowned international experts. In this way, the competence of young scientists working in this field in dealing with digital health technologies will be strengthened.

The Masterclass is open to up to 14 international researchers who will be invited to the University of Tübingen. The Masterclass is organised jointly with the “Ethics & Philosophy Lab” at the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning for Science” at the University of Tübingen.

Opportunities for PostDocs and Young Researchers

The Call for Abstracts is addressed to PhD students, PostDocs and early career researchers with an interest in and willingness to discuss issues related to ethical, legal and social aspects in the context of digitalisation, health and data justice working in (one or more of) the following fields: Life Sciences, Medicine, Public Health, Ethics, Social Sciences, Law, Gerontology, Informatics/Computer Sciences. Find more information and a detailled Call for Abstract.